Debut Album is OUT NOW!

SERVED HOT is a debut album by John Gält, ukrainian glam/sleaze/hard rock band.

  • 01 - JGS
  • 02 - Riot Radio
  • 03 - (One More) Punk Rock Anthem
  • 04 - Undeniable
  • 05 - White Widow
  • 06 - LZ is Hot
  • 07 - When Nature Calls
  • 08 - Burn (Nothing In The End)
  • 09 - Bad Brotherhood
  • 10 - On The Loose

Who is John Gält?

John Gält is an alcohol-driven, four-piece band from Kharkiv, Ukraine, formed in summer 2010 that plays good old hard rock heavily influenced by modern swedish glam/sleaze and a little bit of punk.

Taking their name from a famous book, Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged", John Gält debuted on October 2011 with the 3 tracks EP "First Run" who gained the favor of both critics and fans, and attracted the interest of italian glam/hard rock label Street Symphonies Records.

We are just a bunch of guys that want to be loud, drink till we drop and get the best chicks around!

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Download "First Run" EP